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Podcast Requirements

Starting a podcast with Dafanboy’s Sports Podcast Network is a great way to share your knowledge and love for sports with the world. To get started, you will need to provide some essential information, including the names and Twitter handles of your co-hosts, as well as their phone numbers and emails. You also need to provide a name for the podcast and an Anchor.FM link. The Anchor.FM link is necessary because it allows you to distribute your podcast to multiple networks at no cost. This helps you maximize your reach and audience size without any additional cost or effort. Additionally, having an Anckor.FM link ensures that your podcast can be shared easily on various platforms in order to reach more listeners. With all of these pieces of information in place, you’ll be ready to start producing captivating podcasts that engage people from all over the globe who are interested in sports.

  1. Your co-host names and Twitter handles
  2. Phone and Email
    Podcast name
  3. Anchor.FM link https://anchor.fm/signup. (This is a must-have because it helps you distribute your podcast to multiple networks for FREE) 

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